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We are excited to announce that we are now a Repair Pricer preferred partner!


This means you can get accurate repair estimates on any home inspection report without lifting a finger.

We want to ensure every home buyer is fully aware of the projected costs of home ownership. We strive to give accurate and helpful information so buyers can be reassured that their dream home is exactly that.

How does it work?

DEFECTS ARE RESEARCHED using AI & human review to get repair information and local cost estimates. They compile all the details into a concise report & deliver it to you in 24 hours or less.


Their team of pricing experts goes to work immediately to provide amazingly accurate ZIP code-specific repair estimates for every item on your report.

No more waiting on contractors, annoying sellers with multiple visits, or paying call-out fees to get bids.


How long does it take?


Repair Pricer is the industry standard for home repair estimation and offers incredible accuracy and reliability.



Do I have to include every item on my report?

No! You get FREE access to a portal designed just for Realtors that lets you make simple edits to your report before it gets delivered.

Share it with anyone immediately, or download it to use as a repair addendum.

How much does it cost?

Use Property Doctors DFW and get a Repair Pricer report at the discounted price of $75 on every report. 

This powerful service saves you and your clients countless hours of frustration and worry and is an incredibly useful negotiation for all parties in the transaction.


For further information on Repair Pricer, please call us.

(817) 401-4002

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