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Booking for Christmas Lights 2024 will start in August! 


It's time to book your Christmas lights! 

We LOVE Christmas, and we LOVE making your home look awesome during the holiday season! We know how busy you are and how quickly your schedule fills up around Christmastime, so let the Property Doctors help you out! 

We will review the layout and colors you want, and then WE will supply the lights, wreaths, etc.  

We put them up, maintain them, take them down, and EVEN store them for you afterward!

Packages start as low as $550.00

Your Part 

All you do is pick out the light color, approve the plan, and enjoy your beautiful home with more free time for your holidays!

Our Part

Set Up - Take Down - Maintenance - Storage

For a free quote, fill out the form below to get started.

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