We are excited to announce that we now offer engineering reports!


What is an engineering report? 


An engineering report will provide you with a full analysis of the performance of your foundation. It will make a determination based on the observations and floor elevations taken at the home and included in the report to make recommendations for repairs if necessary. This repair recommendation will include locations and designs of the remediation along with what expectations should be assumed with the repairs. This report can then be used for repair contractors to bid and perform the repairs at the home that was determined necessary by a third party engineer that was hired by you, so it is in no way connected to the contractor of your choosing.

Why do you want to add an engineering report to your home inspection?

Home inspectors are by design generalists, while structural engineers are specialist. They are licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and have an engineering degree, passed a series of tests, and had their experience approved by the board to meet the minimum requirements for licensure. What you get when you hire an engineer is knowing they provided detailed analysis of the foundation and other structural aspects of the home that go beyond the visual inspection done by a home inspector. 


What’s the difference between how home inspectors, foundation companies and engineers look at a foundation?


Home Inspectors conduct a visual inspection of how the foundation performs based on walls, doors, floors, cracks, etc. No detailed analysis or testing is done. They specialize in looking at the general condition of a home and identifying warning signs that a specialist should evaluate. 


Foundation Companies are trained at selling and fixing foundations. Most of the time they're looking for reason to sell services. Often the people doing the inspections have very limited training and only will measure the slab. Their specialty is repairing the foundation after an outside engineer has determined what work should be performed. 


Engineers are specifically trained to analyze past and future performance of the foundation and outline any needed repairs. They look at many aspects of the home and surroundings such as original design, modifications, soil, etc. to determine what and if any actions need to be taken to make the home structurally sound. 


All three of these professionals provided valuable services, the key is to have the right person at the right time. 

How much does it cost?
  • Slab – starts at $300 up to 2000sf, then $50 per 500sf

  • Pier and Beam – starts at $400 up to 2000sf, then $50 per 500sf


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