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Home Maintenance Tip - Mice

Who is living in your home? We have all heard horrified stories of an unwanted guest in our home. Well, it's not just a cousin or a weird uncle that you need to worry about. Mice are certainly unwanted guests in my home!

Mice tend to be more active in the spring and fall, so it's important to know some tell-tell signs.

First, have you found droppings? These are often found in corners or behind boxes.

Second, you can often hear them, especially if they are running in an attic or a wall.

While most of the time, mice are very easy for a professional to treat, it does need to be taken care of.

If they nest in places like your A/C units or near electrical wiring, it can be very costly!

If you need help finding a professional to service your home, feel free to reach out.

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