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Home Buying tip - Drainage around the home

A surprising factor to consider when buying a home.

When buying a new home,

you know it's essential to check the foundation and the roof. In addition, you will want to see the condition of the HVAC, but an often overlooked area of the home is one that you can start to look at as soon as you walk up.

What am I talking about? The grading and drainage around the home! Surprisingly a home with poor drainage

can be one of the most challenging and costly issues to fix. Water getting inside or standing around your home can cause mold, rot, foundation issues, and less important but still annoying are issues like tracking mud into the house and grass not growing.

Ideal draining around most homes is for the ground within 6' to slope away from the home around 10". This typically provides sufficient drainage to move water away from your home. As you look at properties, this is something that you will need to take into consideration. Of course, once you find a home you love, call us to inspect it and we will give you a full report on the grading, drainage, and much more!


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