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Jason Tate 

Licensed Professional Home Inspector

(817) 648-9544


I am the husband of the beautiful Kaiti Tate and father of seven, yes you read that right, seven- beautiful, goofy, smart, fun, energetic, and sometimes trying children. My children at the time of writing this bio range from twelve years old and younger. (Yes, we own a TV and yes we know what causes this! Ha!)

I enjoy doing most all things outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. It is a pleasure taking my children on any and all adventures. Many men love to get away without their kiddos and I must admit I occasionally do too, but I enjoy it more when they can go with me and we can partake in these adventures together.

The most important aspect of who I am though is that I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I am thankful that He calls me friend. I pastor a small church in Alvarado, a little town south of Fort Worth. I love seeing people come into the knowledge of all that God has done for them in Christ.

God has been gracious to me in moving me into inspection work. I enjoy the service we provide to our customers and I am thankful for what it provides for my family and the people it puts me in contact with. I have called Greg Bowles a friend for many years and am thankful for the vision and work ethic that he provides to our team and even more thankful that I can call him a brother in Christ.

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