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Greg Bowles 

DFW Operations Manager/ Professional Inspector



Greg has always enjoyed helping others. This carries over into his home inspections. He understands that buying a home is a huge decision, both financially and emotionally. Greg’s goal is to help you have the best information so you can have confidence in the decision you make.


Greg is a licensed Professional Home Inspector, he is also carries many certifications from AHIT including pool inspections, septic inspection, energy audit certified, and others.


Greg grew up on a lake south of Fort Worth and has a deep love for the DFW area. He and his wife Tiffany were high school sweet hearts who got married after spending a few years at Texas Tech. Now having been married for over 10 years, they are still as happy and active as ever. They are often found traveling, eating out, trying new things, and they both love to get in a good game of tennis when possible. However, it is more often doubles these days considering they have added two little girls to their adventures.


Greg has always loved to learn new things and to share that with those around him. He has over 5000 books in his library, mostly in philosophy, theology, and history. He loves art and music and creative ideas.


He spent 10 years working for a church in Las Cruces, NM where he taught 5-8 times a week and spent the days drinking coffee and having conversations with college students. He deeply believes that the true message of Jesus offers hope and healing for us all. This has led him to teach in China, Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, and throughout Mexico. He believes that faith is also more than just words. It should lead us to truly love people as friends. This belief has led him to have the opportunity help build homes, medical stations, and water wells all over the world.


Sports have always been a large part of Greg’s life; he has competed in everything from MMA to golf. He loves to water ski during the summer and carve up the slopes in the winter. This past September, Greg took 9th place in the Camp Gladiator finals competition and is hoping to compete again this year.


Between his personal dreams and goals, his wonderful wife, and two amazing girls there is little down time in his life and that is just the way he likes it. However, he is always excited to make time for people that he can help with home buying decisions. So whether you looking to sell a home, buy a home, or would like to have your home be more energy efficient, Greg will make you feel confident and at easy the whole step of the way.

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