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Brett Tutor

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*please set up the inspection through this website, you will be contacted after we have received your form.

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Brett's Experience 
in the inspection business
TV Show Host

New Home Source TV

Brett started doing inspections when he was 15 years old.

He worked for his grandfather growing up assisting with home inspections, septic inspections and construction projects specializing in carpentry, framing and green building. TREC #20110

Brett is the only inspector in the country who has his TREC Professional Inspectors license, his Septic Installer 1 TCEQ license and his ARCSA installer and inspectors certifications. Brett is also a certified energy auditor and experinced well and pool inspector. Brett went from doing inspections on his own to growing one of the highest respected businesses in the Austin area, built on reputaion, experience and hard work. 

Property Doctor owner and inspector Brett Tutor is the host for the TV Show New Home Source. Brett takes his unique construction knowledge around the country showing viewers the benefits of buying a new home versus a used home, highlighting energy effeciency. 


This show is nation wide and can be seen here in Austin.

Tune into Fox on Sundays at 9am to see the show. 


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International & Local Relief Work
Personal Bio

Brett has traveled all over the world. In doing so he has realized just how fortunate he is. He has helped build schools in the Kibera slums of Kenya, Africa and also helps here locally with Habitat Humanity. The two images above are of Brett in Kenya and of Brett helping re build a home for a Bastrop fire victim. 


"We don't have our own non profit yet, but it's coming! We have big plans on buiding schools, rain water systems and septic systems all over the world where there is need. Every Property Doctor gets involved. We use our own personal income to help when we can, so of course we could not do any of this without your business.

So sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you." 


Brett Michael Tutor grew up in Georgetown, Texas. At 13 years old he was a world ranked junior golfer. Brett played baseball, golf and was a quarter back for his football team.


After high school Brett played in a band with his brother Chase Dean who was previously on American Idol, Chase Dean. Brett still writes songs and can be seen performing his music around Austin. Brett spent that following summer in Kenya, Africa doing relief work.


Brett decided to move to Hawaii. There he worked for Oakley and trained mixed martial arts. The image on the left is of Brett with Rudy Valentino, Rudy is a former Muy Thai world champion and trains UFC fighter BJ Penn. Brett Trained under Rudy at BJ Penn's mixed martial arts academy in Hilo, Hawaii before moving to Honolulu


Brett then enilsted in the Air Force. He was made a platoon leader of 60 men his first day of Basic and was medically discharged, never deploying for tearing his achillees tendon his first year in Pararescue Special Operations training.


Brett came back to Austin to heal and went to carpentry trade school. 


He then moved to Bend, Oregon where he was a white water rafting guide and a rock climbing guide for Discocery Outfitters where the guides counseled troubled youth and church groups in the Oregon wilderness. 


Brett went to school part time in Oregon  and was certified as a EMT Basic and a Tactical SWAT Medic. 


Brett then moved back home to Austin.

He began doing inspections again for his grandfather, Chet Tutor.


The following year Brett began working for himself. His reputation grew and he found his passion for getting licensed to inspect and install all aspects of building including energy audits, septic systems, rain water harvesting etc. And he is still learning.

The business grew like wild fire and Brett then he changed the business name from Green Longhorn Inspections to Property Doctors. Green Longhorn is now an Organic Termite and Pest Control company. 


Brett started doing stunt work part time and can be seen as the stunt double in the film Seven Days in Utopia and many other commercials. From that he started acting as well and can be seen in multiple commercials and starred in TV shows like TLC's Poked. 


From there Brett started hosting the TV Show New Home Source which takes him around the country filiming. 




Brett still inspects here in Austin every day that he is in town. But has been blessed to have a phenominal team, who Brett says are the best inspectors out there, period. 


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