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Four in One 90 Day Warranty Program

Property Doctors is commited to providing our clients with as much information as possible, before, during and after our inspection. This is after part:

As you know, there are so many things that can go wrong with any home after the move in.

From sudden and costly malfunctions with appliances, water heaters, and AC units.

To all the non visible aspects of the home, like roots creeping into your plumbing drains, termites making their way into the home from under the foundation and even mold in areas that can't be accessed or seen by you, the seller or an inspector. 

Your Property Doctor does approximately 10 times more than what is required of him during your inspection as set by the state standards of practice for home inspectors. But for all those things that are out of our control, here is the "Four in One 90 Day Warranty Plan" to help you rest easy, knowing you and your home are covered. You are covered in all of the following ways for only a one time fee of $30!

This covers your home inspection report, your plumbing, mold, termites and much more for 90 days after the inspection or 22 days after closing (which ever comes later) to ensure maximum coverage.


* Note, this service is simply and added value for you our client, to help protect you from unanticipated repairs. Property Doctors exists soley to provide you with the highest quality inspection possible, and to give you all the information that we have gathered over the decades of doing tens of thousands of home inspections. If it can break, it probably will. Your home simply has too many moving parts for you not to have coverage, if you do not use this program, we highly recommend that you at least go with another coverage program for your protection. 

Simply speaking, this program is done through a third party service company, Inspector Services Group. This third party company offers warranty services to high volume home inspection companies around the country, they are very professional and we have been working with them for many years and we have always been very pleaed with their services and the way that they treat our clients. Their goal is to sell you a security system by making ONE phone call to you, they offer free security system installation for home buyers who register for this warranty service. Rememer that you DO NOT have to sign up for the securty system to be fully covered.

Your $30 fee is all you need to do to be enrolled in the warranty program. 



                           This plan protects you and your home for the following four things:


1. 90 Day Inspection Warranty: This covers your Property Doctors Home Inspection Report. Basically for 90 days after the inspection you are covered if our inspection report says an item is working at the time of the inspection, and it fails within 90 days. This is wise as many items can suddenly break and it is not uncommon for a seller or tenent to "temporarily fix" an item in preperation for the inspection. See details below.




2. Plumbing with "SewerGard": This covers up to $4,000  towards the plumbing supply lines, drain lines and septic lines for 90 days after the inspection. This is often the most common costly repair as the majority of your plumbing is not visible to the inspector as the supply lines are usually behind walls, the drains are usually in the foundation and the septic lines are underground. You can continue this coverage for only $12.95 a month after the 90 days is up. 

Click here on the Property Doctor to watch a quick video: 




3. Mold Protection with "Mold Safe": We don't have to tell you how dangerous mold can be. But it can also be very, very expensive to repair. Mold Safe covers up to $2,000 in new mold remediation for 90 days after the inspection. 

Click here on the Property Doctor to watch a quick video: 




4. Termite Protection:  The saying here in Texas is "it's not if you get termites, but when". 

Termite damage can be thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Stay on top of these guys!

They are like dental cavities for your house. You must have a termite inspection done by Property Doctors to qualify, and if your Property Doctors termite inspection report comes back clean, then this plan has got you covered for 90 days! Termites can come at anytime, from a stack of old wood next to you home, to getting into your home from underneath your foundation through the plumbing penetrations in the slab.

The deductible is $250, and that deductible goes down to $150 if you continue this coverage  after 90 days for $14.97 a month.

Click here on the Property Doctor to watch a quick video: 






*All warranty claims and renewals are done through Inspector Services Group, not through Property Doctors.



Contact for Claims or Renewals:


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